Double – Sided Foam Mattress

Buckwheat/Coconut Mattress

Available Sizes:
Toddler 4,5 ft. 140x70cm – €89
Junior 5ft.160x80cm – €99
Small Single 6ft. 180x90cm – €109
Full Single 6’3ft. 190x90cm – €119
Price including delivry !!!


The buckwheat side is the only one natural material to sleep on. The buckwheat husk contained in specially selected, quilted squares offers unique properties: anti-allergic, anti-sweat, anti-decubital features preventing backbone defects and supporting treatment of the existing ones.
Foam – One of the basic products for production of mattresses. The composition of polyurethane foam provides breathability and durability. Modern technologies used in the production extend the service life (without excessive oxidation and kneading).
Coconut mat is a natural material derived from coconut shell. Coconut fibers being connected by means of a resilient latex, which allows you to increase the hardness of the mattress coconut while maintaining flexibility. Coconut has excellent thermal properties. Thanks to its natural coconut fiber structure is light, airy. It absorbs sweat and moisture excreted. The use of coconut mattress panel is much stiffer.