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frozen2 — kopia

NEW Fleece-non-woven fabric so no overlapping is needed and no stretching occurs. As installation is much easier (just paste the wall!) you can achieve a much better finish than with other more traditional wall mural products. Our colours are extremely bright and vivid, images crisp and designs stunningly effective!

L – 3,4ft. x 5ft. – 104cm x 152cm (40” x 60”) 1 panel €49,99


XL – 4,8ft. x 6,8ft. – 146cm x 208cm (57” x 81”) 2 panels €69.99



BLUEBACK PAPER- traditional background for large print size. Qualitatively- no difference in printing between non- woven and paper, both have excellent print quality and vivid colours.

M – 6ft. x 8.3ft. – 184cm x 254 cm – 72″ x 100″ – 2 panels. €59.99


Pink children's room

Real Photo